McGuffy’s Eclectic Readers Revised Edition Primer through Six



The condition of these charming books is amazing. The feel like they’ve never been fully opened. With one exception the covers and spine are mint. See below.
Since 1836, children have been delighted by these volumes filled with exotic adventures, exciting stories, beautiful poems, and funny fables. The Third Eclectic Reader includes “The Boy Who Cried Wolf,” “The Wind and the Sun,” and “We Are Seven.”
McGuffey Readers were a series of graded primers, including grade levels 1-6, widely used as textbooks in American schools from the mid-19th century to the mid-20th century, and are still used today in some private schools and in homeschooling. While McGuffey compiled the first four readers (1836-1837 edition), the fifth and sixth were created by his brother Alexander during the 1840s. The series consisted of stories, poems, essays and speeches. The advanced Readers contained excerpts from the works of well-regarded English and American writers and politicians such as John Milton, Lord Byron and Daniel Webster. The revised Readers were compiled to meet the needs of national unity and the dream of an American melting pot for the world’s oppressed masses.
CONDITION REPORT: In general the condition is remarkable. All covers, backs and spines are fine with the exception of the Second which has some pink shading on the cover (see photo) and the name Warren R. Young’s signature on the title page. Some books have paperclip impression. Book Six has slight foxing on the last few pages and on the ends.
Primer was published in 1909 near mint
1st published 1920 paperclip impression
2nd published 1920 is in good condition with exception described above.
3rd published 1920 is near mint
4th published in 1920 is near mint
5th published in 1920 slight staining back few pages
6th published in 1921 slight foxing on end pages
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