“The fun in selling our original art is that it mostly goes to people with fond memories of growing up with the reproduction hanging on their wall. Our paintings feel familiar because they are.”

Vivien Bonnist Cord and Claudia Bonnist

Hi Vivien,

I happened to walk past the television when my husband was watching antique roadshow. They had the artist work featured and I thought Goodenow’s technique was amazing!

I looked up the artist online, and came across the Siamese cat picture for sale. I didn’t know there were others on your site available until you mentioned it. I looked at all 4 paintings available. They were all equally beautiful so the one I initially inquired about turned out to be my favorite because of the blue color.
The sister painting is equally lovely and appeared to be the same cat but different pose.

There’s something to be said about seeing an original painting by an artist rather than viewing on television or online.

Mostly curiosity and appreciation for the artist is why I purchased the painting.

Thank you for asking, and sending out the painting. I hope you won’t regret parting with it. If you do, please let me know.

Enjoy your day,

Yuly (Wisconsin)


I am surprised I didn’t find your website sooner. I am a stay-at-home mom of two girls 10 and 12. I have a special online hobby where I study and sometimes collect illustration art. I spend time on online auction sites, galleries around the world, ebay, etsy, museums, online-newspapers and magazines. I have been doing this for a bit of time  every day for about 5 years and I especially like to purchase smaller unsigned works on paper. I usually am attracted to images of children or images of animals. I was delighted to find this one on your site. To be honest, I don’t know anything about it, maybe it is George Gibbs, but I am pretty unsure. Sometimes the subject is enough for me. I just knew that it belonged in my home so thank you for that.

When I found your website, I could see you enjoy learning about art and have dedicated a lot of energy to listing your items. I found the listing when I did a reverse-image-search on Google. I right-click the image and select  “Search image with Google”. I can bump into a lot of interesting sites and overlooked original art. With yours, I was probably looking at a  baby portrait on ebay, I am not sure, but it led me to the “4 Big Eyes Babies” watercolor miniatures that you have listed for about $240. I love them. I was delighted to find that you had a huge inventory with many landscapes and I want to buy a Florence Kroger but I wasn’t sure about which one I liked best.

I wish that I lived near you. I would stop over with my daughters and ask for a tour of your favorite pieces.

Warmly, Adriana

(The Kroger Kitten arrived safely, we love it. I think it looks amazing. As loved as any Rembrandt or Vermeer.)

Adriana (Minnesota)


Dear Vivien,

My precious Jeanne Hebbelynck paintings arrived (exactly when you said they would) and they are truly beautiful – perfect in every way. I am so grateful to have them. Thank you so very much.

Lisa (Massachussetts)


Vivien, you asked how I found your page. I don’t know if Guy Charon is an obscure artist, but I bought four of his lithographs in the 70’s or 80’s. Yes, I am that old. I have always loved his work and decided to buy myself a birthday present and Googled his paintings for sale and found your website. If I can save more money, I would love to buy his landscape oil painting too. I am retired and on a fixed income but it gives me great pleasure to walk around the house with my cup of coffee every morning and visit my paintings.

Catherine (California)


Thank you Vivien for these gorgeous paintings. (Autumn unsigned, Matador by Rico Tomaso)
I am very happy and proud that I was able to have them :).
Merry Christmas and happy final old years days:).

all the best

Indrek Reiter (Estonia)

Indrek Reiter

I was very pleased to find these two prints on your website, which show the first railway in the world to link two cities. The service I received was excellent and the prints were received as described, with particularly good packaging around them.

Best regards

Mark (Manchester, England)


Thank you!

My mother had a couple of prints that I would stare at as a little boy.

Now I collect his work. (Artist, Etienne Roth)


J. Todd Kinley

Todd (Greensboro, NC)


Appreciate how your company is so easy to work with and so insanely fast with shipping out items. I will certainly look to you for future art purchases.

Eryn (Riverside, California)


Hi Vivien,

It’s a beautiful painting. I want to let you know that I have purchased two other of Ferro’s paintings (I included a couple pictures). One needs a little bit of work, but they’re all going to an excellent art conservator for cleaning and revarnishing as needed. He has a youtube channel with a big following, Baumgartner Restoration. My plan is to have the three paintings back together. I would like to keep these paintings in the public eye if possible. I will make sure your painting finds its rightful place, carrying on your father’s legacy. It will be cherished.

Thank you for your time.

Phil (Illinois)


(Indrek Reiter is an Estonian art enthusiast and while we prefer not to sell outside of USA, we cannot resist returning paintings which we have attributed to Estonian artist August Albo back to their homeland. With these sales to Indrek we have sold at least 41 works of art to a country that reveres Albo. Below is Indrek’s best attempt at English and we are so happy he made the effort as we really like to make a personal connection with our customers.)

Dear Vivien,

Actualy My passion is find art If sombady see painting its not cleaned and maybe ther is hole I can see the gaulity what might be come out this painting..I will keep some off paintings what i truly love..Art is exiting thats keep me My mind and soule alive:).

I spend evryday 5-6 houers in internet to look whats new in artworld never know what you might find:).

All the best

Indrek Reiter (Estonia)

It’s still strange to see pictures of these paintings after so many years. My deceased grandparents had prints of those paintings in their house when I was growing up. The prints disappeared after my grandmother passed away and it’s taken me 20 years to find them! I had to keep doing google searches for “conquistador painting” and “knight in armor painting.” I finally found the conquistador one on a search and was able to find the other by searching for the artists name (Rico Tomaso). My father and grandfather pinning on my badge at my academy graduation, 8/4/2000, California Highway Patrol.

DG (California)


When I found out that the buyer in the UK was the widow of Keith English, the artist, it felt amazing! Jodieanne requested shipment to her daughter, Dana, in Colorado because we don’t ship overseas. (Vivien)

DANA WROTE: There are so many paintings that we won’t know the origins, especially before he met my mom. Sometimes he would use models and other times it would come completely from his head. I can imagine the tiger photo in a book being referenced while he painted. He brought us up learning about all of the different beliefs across the world. He believed that there were truths in all myths, legends, and religions, and this one has the feel of Eastern stories.

JODIE WROTE: Dear Vivien,
Thank you so much for sending Keith’s painting so safely to my daughter, Dana. When we were first in touch I did not realise that you were more than an employee of Donald Art! Keith talked fondly of your father through the years. The paintings that were printed through your father’s firm were a great validation to Keith as he was a young artist who was self taught and up against an art world that could be quite snobbish at times. Your father helped him to grow in confidence. I think he was very aware of that and for that he was forever grateful. I married Keith in 1988 when he was well established here in St Ives. We had 28 amazing years. I am now remarried to an amazing man who was also a dear friend of Keith’s. We both love his work. It feels like this painting is coming home! I can’t wait to see it in July when we will be visiting Dana and her family.
Best wishes,
Jodie Rance

Dana Kennedy and Jodieanne English (Colorado and UK)

Dana Kennedy and Jodieanne English

I found this Arthur Szyk print online at The Donald Art Company for a very reasonable price. I was greatly pleased by the charming interaction with one of the proprietors,Vivien, with whom I have maintained an ongoing correspondence about my purchase, Art, music, the history of the family-owned business, and the weather (among a wide range of topics).


Dennis Kelly (San Francisco, CA)

Dennis Kelly


Thank you! I am really, incredibly happy with the way they all turned out. These now serve as a feature wall in my living/dining room below a ledge that carries a series of other family mementos of the past. An old Edison phonograph, vintage binoculars, stuff like that.

I am grateful for what you are doing for people in allowing them to connect with their childhood memories through art.

Best wishes to you also,


Ron (Nevada)



Thank you for the compliment. Your dad obviously had a brilliant gift for identifying quality art and you grew up in the business, so I appreciate and respect your expertise on matters of artistic taste. I am still rather stunned by this find. I am not even sure I will completely believe it until I see the paintings in person.

I am usually very skeptical of online shops, but as I read your testimonials, the stories sounded so very similar to my own that I had to take the chance and make the purchase.

As for why these works in particular, I am sure it is a story you’ve heard countless times. I grew up with a replica of the first of these Drummond pieces on my family’s living room wall. Attached to this email is a photo of me playing Atari video games in the early 1980’s in the room where it hung. As others have said about the art from their childhood, I used to imagine being inside the painting, walking down the street. I used to climb up and stand on the back of the couch, looking at the art really close up but trying to lean back a bit to see it all. I would do that until either I was told to stop climbing on the furniture or until I fell backward and hurt myself.

My mother was a lover of art; she even sold prints for “Bob Kuechenberg’s State of the Art” when I was a kid. The story I was told about this particular piece is that before I was born, my father took my mother to Colonial Williamsburg and he bought her this print there as a souvenir to remember their visit. It hung prominently in the living room through almost my entire childhood. The print disappeared from our wall sometime in the late 1980’s and I never saw it again. My parents had divorced by then so my mother probably sold it in a yard sale when we fell on hard times. I’ve sought out prints of this for decades and finally found one a few years back. When it arrived, however, I was disappointed. The top and left sides were horribly cropped and the work was incomplete. More than half of the homes on the left side are gone on the repro I have.

I never imagined I could ever possibly own the original. I will almost certainly cry when I open this. I will probably be moved and compelled to purchase the other Drummonds you have listed as well.

Thank you, Vivien, for sharing these incredible works with the people who grew up fascinated by them.

Ron Ferraro

Updated 12/30/23 Vivien,

I wanted to follow up on my art purchase last year…. I finally visited Colonial Williamsburg in November and went to several of the locations from those paintings… a childhood dream fulfilled!

Just thought to share the story,
Ron Ferraro

Ron (Nevada)


Good afternoon, Vivian. My husband and I chose this painting for our son’s 30th birthday gift. Our son, Zach, is a photographer and videographer and had majored in art while in college. Zach had seen some prints of Etienne Roth’s works and mentioned to my husband how much he liked them and was keenly interested in the artist. So, this led us to search for an actual painting and we were so very pleased to find one! Zach will be so surprised and thrilled to receive this for his birthday. Thank you again for your assistance! HIs birthday isn’t until December, but once we give it to him and he hangs it, I can send you a photo if you’d like!

Michele & Richard Bell

Michele and Richard Bell (Missouri)

Michele and Richard Bell
Michele and Richard Bell

The funny thing is in the last two weeks I bought two small Ruth Ray preliminaries in two different auctions and my friend and I were laughing and saying “maybe if we acquire enough mass it will draw more in like a black hole” so I thought to check again and BAM! There he was! You could have knocked me over with a feather! He was my “holy grail” to join the other 3 here and my dream is that when I get older I can find a museum somewhere interested in my Ruth Ray collection before I kick the bucket so others can enjoy them I feel she is overdue for rediscovery!

Elizabeth (North Bethesda, Maryland)


Thank you for helping to make my home beautiful.

(note: Sam has purchased a gallery of cityscapes from the collection and we so appreciate his good taste and business)

Samuel (North Carolina)


(Bill bought three vintage walking lawn sprinklers. With his knowledge and talent he immediately restored each one and got them to work.)

Here it is, one Sears/Thompson, now a creampuff! A little cleaning and oiling, a new o-ring & gasket, and a custom-made upper bushing, and it’s off and walking! Pretty clever actually! Lay out the hose where you want it to go, and you can cover a lot of yard without continually moving sprinklers around. They do the moving for you! I have mine on timers, so they shut down before they take a side trip to Albuquerque or some places unknown if I forget about them!

Nice! Very nice! I’m very pleased!

Bill (Nevada)


This is my favorite painting purchased from your August Albo collection, Strauss Waltz, to be added to my upcoming exhibition.

Robert Reiter (Estonia)

Robert Reiter

Dear Vivien,
So you would like to know about me. I just turned 22 & I’m a huge art enthusiast hence I’m also a collector here in Estonia. In addition to collecting, I also study art via books and articles. We are looking forward to write an article about August Albo with Mai Levin (Estonia’s biggest art specialist). I don’t personally sell art as I want to open my own private museum here in Old Town Tallinn to educate the newer generation.
Why have I bought your Albos, you may ask? Because I’m a huge fan! Since Albo belongs to Estonia’s “forgotten or uknown wonders”, I’m taking his legacy on my shoulders to bring him in front of Estonian eyes. Since our population is low, I’m one of the few that collects quality art and buys it from foreign countries. Somebody has to keep our culture alive and I want to be a part of all that. I’m also hoping to open an August Albo art exhibition as soon as the COVID-19 situation calms down. I think this is everything that you might want to know about me that’s relevant.
Stay safe!
Robert Alexander Reiter

Robert Reiter (Tallinn Estonia)

Robert Reiter
Robert Reiter

Thank you so much. It is exquisite! I have sent for frame and I shall send you a picture when I hang it. I’m over the moon! 😁
I adore Mid-Century art and I saw a print of this Montez painting online with your companies name at the bottom. I traced you online and was surprised to see the painting was for sale.

Samuel (North Carolina)


They are absolutely exquisite!!! I can’t wait to hang them 🙂 Thank you so very much!
(Samuel purchased these two additional cityscapes by Rico Tomaso after purchasing the one above.)

Samuel (North Carolina)


My mother bought some framed prints of paintings in the 1970’s. They hung in the house I grew up with and wherever my mom lived since. One in particular was a favorite. It was a still life of blooming magnolias in a vase, with a lot of red. Untitled, the only markings were the signature “Margot” in the lower right corner.

A few weeks ago, I tried researching the painting by the artist “Margot.” To my surprise, one of the only sites where I could find information was the Donald Art Company Collection, which actually was selling the original painting. Needless to say, I was quite happy to locate and purchase the original painting we had a print of back to my childhood.

The painting arrived, and I could not be happier with it. The vibrant colors are amazing. I’ve included a photo of the painting with the 1970’s print we’ve had.

Mike (Wisconsin)


Hi Vivien,

This past June my wife and I celebrated our 50th anniversary. During that time, we lived in 6 states, raised 5 children and now have 10 grandchildren. In our second home in Colorado (around 1976) we inherited a piano and found this copy to go in the room with the piano. In subsequent moves, the picture went with us and in the room with the piano.

Unfortunately, my wife passed away this past December and, while my children were going through things, they came across this copy we had on the wall for all those years. I thought, in memory of mom, that it should go above the piano. It looked a bit small, however, so I added a couple accessories to go with it. In the course of all this, I saw Barry Leighton Jones on the signature…so I looked him up and learned he was a fairly significant artist. I also found a picture of the copy we had of Band of Children, which took me to your site…and saw that the original painting was available.

I thought what better tribute to my wife than to acquire the original of Band of Children and mount it above the piano. So, I bought this in memory of my late wife of 50 years, Anna.

Richard (Nevada)


Hi Vivien,

The Tomaso paintings are here! Safe and sound. Absolutely gorgeous and stunning. Wow. I wish I could find a lady as classy as these two.


Ross (Texas)


Hi Vivien,

Thank you so much. My wife’s grandmother used to have these as prints in her farmhouse in Cullman, Alabama. So they will make wonderful Christmas gifts for her.

Jayson (Georgia)


Thank you for this opportunity to buy this painting.

If the photo comes through, you can see my Grandmother standing in front of the same painting.

When my sister and I were little, our lives were a bit turbulent. Our Grandma and Grandpa’s house was a sanctuary for us. I used to sit and stare at this painting, wondering where the roads went, what was in the woods and mountains in the background – what the inside of the Inn looked like…

Our grandparents have long since passed away, and my sister and I miss them greatly. Their house was torn down and we don’t have that place to go back to anymore. I’ve been looking for this painting for a long time as a way of keeping my grandparents memory alive. But, I had no idea how to find it.

Yesterday, my sister sent me the picture of my Grandma, and I told her how much I loved the painting in the background and that I had been looking for it for years. She posted the picture on a website and asked if anyone knew anything about the painting. Someone responded with the name of the painting and artist. She then found the painting for sale on your site and sent me the link.

Yesterday was a very happy day for me, thank you for making it possible.

Morgan (Arizona)


The Republic of China was one of the four founding members of the United Nations but got kicked out from the United Nations in 1971, with communist China taking over. This is the reality of politics.

Around 1947, Arthur Szyk did this lithograph and lithographs of a few other nations relating to the United Nations.

Szyk of course did a lot of research on these nations, history, etc. So this lithograph is a depiction of China at that time under the Republic of China including images of Confucius and the Taoist fairies. This cultural China was all destroyed by the communists.

No one in the right mind now sees China as being Confucianist or Taoist.

A number of years ago, I acquired a Szyk China print, but it does not have the print maker’s name at the back. So I thought it will be very interesting to have another copy with the name at the back to show.

Such is my thought on this.

Shu Kong Soong (Taipei, Taiwan)

Shu Kong Soong

In my early twenties, I took a solo trip to Paris. I spent two weeks walking around the city, meeting interesting people from all over the world, visiting museums, experiencing beautiful art and architecture. I met an artist in a park who saw me drawing and he drew my picture. I fell in love with Paris, as most people probably do. But I have always felt a special connection to it. I used to dream of Paris and those dreams were the most magical, the most special.

I saw a reproduction of this painting and it caught my attention. It combines Paris with another love of mine, mid-century art. But before I clicked to buy, out of curiosity I googled the artist and came across your site which was selling the original. It seemed serendipitous.

Now I have a view of Paris (by F. Depresle) from the office in my small house in Minnesota and can dream of the day I return.


Kaia (Minnesota)


I have seen a reproduction of this piece in a friends home for some years now and to think I could have the original would be awesome!

Todd (Michigan)


It has been an adventure to get the two decorative paintings, “Tending His Flock, and “Watermill” by August Albo.

“Tending His Flock” is the best impression of Jesus I have ever seen. “Watermill” reminds me of the backroads I accidentally happened upon driving from Germany to France. Having these actual paintings, from the same artist, who painted our family’s favorite print my grandpa had is amazing!

Chris (Oklahoma)


I’m so glad this is happening! I will tell you I purchased this print over 25 years ago, I was young and naive and was told that it was oil on canvas. I knew nothing about art.

When I got it home and friends saw it, they knew it was a print. I felt so embarrassed and have always felt duped. So, all these years later I will feel rewarded for holding on to it and enjoying it as I have even though it wasn’t the painting. To be young and stupid!

(Pictured: Dennis with his original and his copy. The original Jack Laycox is the unframed bright painting.}

Dennis (California)


The painting arrived just fine and I am super happy with it! It’s in great condition, I greatly appreciate the letter and all your help with this transaction. Thanks again and I will keep your website in mind for future purchases, I’ve noted a lot of lovely pieces that are for sale.

Raine (Texas)

Thanks for the note Vivien! We’ve had the reproduction of this work for a long time and are excited to own the original.

Joseph (Minnesota)

Wow – I can’t believe how big it is. The one hanging on my wall as a child was about 11 x 14 or so. Wow! I LOVE IT!

Jane (Illinois)

Hi Vivien,

I received my Guy Coheleach painting yesterday, and it arrived safely!

You are right the tag on the back is truly unique. A lot of people do not know that Abercrombie & Fitch were true Adventure outfitters and not the teenage brand they have tragically become. I am a big reader of African safari literature: Capstick, Hathaway, Hemingway, Roosevelt, and Ruark. On occasion, they will mention A&F. I have an old A&F safari jacket as well. Then to learn the artist was trampled by an elephant in Africa just adds to the provenance of having such an interesting, original artwork. I have an equestrian background. So I am very picky when it comes to having horse artwork. They have to look like horses! Picasso gets a pass with his Don Quixote drawings. There are only a few artists that capture the spirit of a horse that I would put on my wall. Guy Coheleach did an excellent job with the horse’s eyes. Which is what attracted me to the painting. Then the A&F tag was just icing on the cake.

I noticed you have some Rico Tomaso paintings. I especially like the ones with the lady playing the guitars. Would love to get one of those soon!

Thanks for everything!

Ross (Texas)


My Father has had a framed print of this painting from the early 70s. It been to Seattle, Ireland, back to Seattle and now it’s with him in Arizona. It’s pretty cool to get the original for him.

Denis (Washington)


I have received the painting in good shape. Thank you very much for the letter about the Donald Art Company. Ironically, I found a print of this exact painting in a thrift store and bought it several years ago. I fell in love with it and resolved to find a real Stareck. I never dreamed I would find the original of the painting I fell in love with in the beginning.

Morgan (Georgia)


Thanks for the note Vivien! We’ve had the reproduction of this work for a long time and are excited to own the original.

Joe (Minnesota)


I was at an antique store yesterday and they had a horse on top of a bookshelf. It looked awesome and then I saw it was $500…I didn’t love it that much….so I decided to look online and just googled primitive horses and came across yours. There were a lot out there but when I saw yours, I knew that was the one I wanted….it is going to look awesome on my bookshelf….or hutch….or fireplace mantle. Excited to get it. Yes, I know it has age and wear & tear, that’s what I liked about it. I will let you know when it arrives! I have plenty of food & water for the feeding

I got the horse today….I LOVE it! Proudly sitting in the living room for all to admire!

Dan (Pennsylvania)


I have four of his pictures, two of Colorado and two southwestern themed pictures. US bank has about 17 of his pictures, 5 in storage and 12 on display in two branches. I used to manage one of the branches that had his pictures and lots of people love them but we never knew his first name. One day a customer came in and told us his first name as he used to live next door to his wife after he passed. Since then I have been collecting what I can find online. (Including the one below, Adam purchased 11 of our original paintings by Richard Shell).

Adam (Colorado)


The last Lex Gonzalez and Shi velvet paintings arrived a few days ago. Thanks again for the ease and expedited professional handlings in these sale transactions. The paintings were all as described and shown in your website and I am very happy with the price and condition that they arrived.

Martin (California)


While it’s not financially smart for me to consider purchasing original art, I honestly cannot see these two paintings go to anyone else. If someone else purchases them, I will regret it for the rest of my life. I have literally been dreaming of owning the original of the girl with the flowers for over 10 years and I used to have a print of the little boy in my bathroom in college. These prints have always been very special to me and owning the originals would bring me joy on a daily basis.

Sarah (Arizona)


I saw a reproduction of this work in a thrift store about ten years ago. I noticed it but didn’t purchase it, went home, and later that night had a very intense dream featuring the painting so I went back to the thrift store the next day and bought it. It didn’t have the title listed or any other information besides “Carter.”

I could tell it was a reproduction and it’s been a mystery to me who Carter was and where the original painting was for the past ten years. During that time I would see other reproductions of it around, in hotels, it’s in the background of an episode of the Sopranos, office lobbies etc. But I could never figure out where the painting had come from—until this past weekend when I stumbled on that copyright information which led me to the website and finally to the original. So yes, there is a form of sentimental attachment and the mystery of the painting has been rather exhilarating.

Now I just need to figure out who Doris Jean Norman aka Carter was and see if she, or her family, might have any insight into the creation of this painting!
Thanks again Vivien, I’m very excited to finally own this piece of art.

Andrew (California)


I must tell you that when I was 12 – 13 years of age, a couple of family members and I went to a local store to purchase a mothers day gift. This happened in 1972. The store’s name was Coronet. We all chose our own unique gift for my mother. I picked the reproduction of the painting I just bought from you. The cost was $15.00 dollars. Both of my parents are now deceased and most of my family members have gone their own way, the copy of the painting is still hanging in one of the walls. I managed to fix the frame that came apart and although the image has faded, i was able to restore some of the colors by spraying it with a clear coat of spray paint. Even though the print has faded, was in storage in the back shed, and the frame came apart I have not been able to part with it because it still represents a glimpse into a time and place in my past.

(Since his first purchase Carlos has added many more to his Tomaso collection)

Carlos (California)


Hi Vivien,

The paintings arrived today. They are so beautiful. So very beautiful! I’m just giddy with happiness. Thank you again for working with me, shipping them so well and … thank you for the paintings. I love them! This was such an indulgence for me and I’m swimming in the pleasure of it!

I’ve been in touch with Elmore Brown’s family – trying to learn a little more about him. He was so talented.

(One of the series of four Angie purchased)

Thank you again!

Angie (Wisconsin)


Goedemorgen Vivien,

I will bring it to a specialist this week and have it framed and will send you a picture of the result.

The thought that it returned to the country of origin after all these years makes it kind of special don’t you think as well?

BTW, would you perhaps have any information on how you or dad acquired it; I want to create a small file regards the history of this for our son when we give him the map (estimated graduation 1.5 years from now).

Ik wens je een mooie zondag toe!

Hartelijke groet,


Dear Vivian…,

I hope this message finds you well.

Further to a promise I made when I bought the map I am sending you herewith the handover moment from today; the day that Norwin, our eldest, graduated.

As you stated in one of your mails, the map is home again and in good hands.

We wish you well,

Best regards,

Paul and Norwin

Paul (The Netherlands)


Hi, Vivien. I did get the paintings, and I just love them, particularly the big eye kids! If you stumble across any other work that Hawley did for your dad, please let me know!

Fred (Rhode Island)


The original hangs proudly in my house now, the same as the canvas print did in the house I grew up in! I believe the two additional mountain scenes you are about to send were painted by Monetti also. The mountain looks identical to the one in “Mountain Cottage” and the shingles are identical on one of the cabins.

I like to think his paintings are an impression of real places.

Chris (Oklahoma)


What is so special about this painting is that my Uncle had the print in his home for years until he just passed away and his daughter inherited the print. This painting looks so much like my uncle and that’s why my aunt bought the print. After all these years I can not believe I would be able to own the original.

The painting arrived today and I am overwhelmed with emotion, it is like you gave my uncle back to me. My Uncle Tom passed away a few months ago and what are the odds that in my search for a print I would find the original as if it was waiting for me as if I won the lottery, so amazing to see something that old in such magnificent condition and so nice to see my Uncles face looking at me again every time I look at it, there is something special about a painting that a picture cannot do justice, I wanted to thank you your sister and brother for parting with your Fathers collection from what I read he sounded like an amazing man and brilliant entrepreneur, the joy that you guys are bringing to families is something you all should be so proud of.

Mark (California)


I was reading your testimonials page and that’s exactly how I feel.

My grandparents had a reproduction of this Spanish Market painting in their house, which I visited often while growing up. I always admired it, but I didn’t get the copy when the house was sold, so I’ve been looking online to see if another copy of it would turn up. I never thought in a million years that the actual original (Pablo) would ever be available that I might purchase it. I was beside myself when I discovered your website last weekend!

Marcello (California)


Hey Vivian,

Yes I did receive the painting on Monday and am very pleased to own another piece of my uncles from so many years ago (Walter Brightwell)! We like it a lot and thank you for taking the time to ship it to us during a very trying time for you. We have enjoyed reading about your fathers art company and feel privileged that the painting was part of your collection.

Tricia (Tennessee)


Thanks for the extra pictures and the info. You answered a lot of my questions. I have never purchased a piece of artwork before! This would be my first!

My father had a Martin Rolland hanging in his home office and I was doing research on the internet for information on this artist (not much I could find). That’s how I came upon your website.

Jason (Illinois)


As for why I purchased the Red Boat and the yellow Montez cityscape… there are several reasons. You can partly credit my mother for taking me to museums when I was a boy to see art. I would take her to see museums in whatever city I was living in. She would look at prints for works that inspired her in some way. At some point, I began to go to the museum shops to purchase lithographs because they were more affordable on a college “wage.” I remember seeing the De Cachard painting and wishing to purchase it but not having the money at the time – probably at the Toledo Museum of Art in Ohio. I don’t remember where I saw it.

I love the de Cachard work. It tells a story of love and hope to me. It makes me think of family and sacrifice for the ones we love. It makes me think of longing to see loved ones. I left my family on the East Coast for the military when I was 18 and haven’t been home very often since. Over the years, my wife and I have also had to travel for work and remain connected. The work reminds me of the importance of family despite the distance.

The Montez is for my home office. I do like the piece and it will help me remain focused and cheery. I discovered a lithograph of the work, which is what brought me to your site. It has a brightness that is needed in the gloom and rain of the Pacific Northwest.

To my wife, I’m rationalizing that I’m buying the art for our new house. It is really for my family, for my wife and girls. I would like my girls to grow up in a home of culture, history, and beauty that is often forgotten in our society. The “actual” human story is often missing in public discourse and consumer culture and I want my girls to be exposed to what is “real” so they can grow up to enjoy the small things and have perspective on what the important matters really are.


Nate (Oregon)