William Pender Shumaker, Sad Clown, Donald Art Co. Collection



This gouache on paper was done in the 1960’s and is signed “Pen” for William Pender Shumaker. Unlike some of our others, it has not be taken from his sketch book. With the mat it is ready to frame.

The image measures 8″ x 10″. Condition is fine. Buyer pays for packing and shipping.

Thus far we are hard pressed to find another original by Pen on line so we can’t do a comparable for the price! There are plenty of reproductions of our delightful Pen clown paintings although this one seems missing from the online buying sites.

Shumaker was a Golden Era illustrator who worked on Pep comics in the 1940’s. Pep later became Archie Comics. He was right handed but had his right arm amputated as a child and painted with his left hand.