The Psychedelic Experience, LP Vinyl 1966 ORIGINAL


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THE PSYCHEDELIC EXPERIENCE By Timothy Leary, Ph. D., Ralph Metzner, Ph.D. and Richard Alpert, Ph. D.

“Readings from the book “The psychedelic Experience: A Manual Based on the Tibetan Book of Dead”

Copyright 1966 Broadside Records, NYC BRX 601

Cover Drawing by Edward Epstein/Design by Ronald Clyne

Descriptive 4 page booklet is inside pocket in mint condition. The booklet, which is unique to the record release, is of vital importance.

Leary’s first LP, and this copy is the earliest of three ’60s pressings (see the Acid Archives book for details), with thick leathery sleeve and wrap-around cover slick. Leary & Ralph Metzner take turns reading from their 1964 book, with an occasional bell chime.

Side 1: Going out/Side 2: Coming Back

Record and cover in fine condition, stored in protective sleeve. Spine has minor color loss. Bought from record store in 1966, guaranteed to be original. There is a label from the record store on the back as shown. Hardly played, record shows no wear.

Excuse the shadows and reflections. If you’d like better pictures please ask.

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