6 Antique Fashion Book Engravings



These pages are fragile and not in perfect condition as seen; however all the colors are strong and they would look fine matted and framed. They all have a crease down the center as they came out of a book. They are not reproductions, they are of the period. They measure 9″ x 11″ – 12″ and in “as is” condition.  Buyer pays for mailing (Priority Mail Envelope).

1- Engraved printed by Illman Brothers, Les Modes Parisiennes: Peterson’s Magazine, August, 1878 The Moonlight Row

2- Kimmel & Forster Codey’s Fashions For December 1866

3- Engraved & Printed by Illman Brothers Les Modes Parisiennes: Peterson’s Magazine May 1879 Swan and Cygnets

4- Kimmel & So. Godey’s Fashions for June 1865

5- Engraved by Illman Brothers Les Modes Parisiennes Peterson’s Magazine March 1869

6- Copewell & Kimmel So. Godey’s Fashion For April 1861 A Nursery Flower