Complete set of 6 Morris and Bendien Fashion Lithos


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Artist-Hippolyte Pauquet, was a drawer, engraver and lithographer in France (1797-1871)

Six vintage lithographs of the work of “Hip” Pauquet by Morris & Bendien. Morris & Bendien issued machine-printed lithographs of original, older French lithographs between 1900 – 1940.  The fashion dates from the 1500s – 1700s. These are printed on heavy paper  and are in very good condition.  There  are two tiny holes in the very upper left corner as they were stapled together. Included is the original portfolio cover which reads: Six Full Color COSTUME PRINTS. On the back of the portfolio is written in ink, $3.00 each. They were printed in the USA. Buyer pays for Priority Mail Shipping.

Numbers 32301, 32302, 32303, 32308, 32309, 32310 ,

Measurement: 9″ x 11″