Heinz Munnich City View Original painting, DAC Collection


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The canvas is 24″ x 36″ and with frame this painting it measures 32″ x 44 1/2″. It’s a great mid-century modern by Heinz Munnich.

Heinz Munnich was born 5/10/1921 in Chemnitz, Germany.  He received his first lessons from his father who was also a painter. Munnich began his art career in the field of graphic arts.  He started making a living as an artist in 1944 after graduating from the Academy of Arts in Dresden. Apart from various study trips, he spent considerable time at an artist’s college in Luxembourg in the Castle Fischbath (with other notable artists). Though he received a number of commissions from the East German government as well as tax privileges, he moved to West Germany in 1956 where he continued his career. Various study trips to Austria, Switzerland, Holland and Belgium helped develop his impressionistic style.  He is recognized for traditional landscapes to brightly colored abstracts. His mountain scenes were particularly successful. Heinz Munnich studied with Professors Beck and Torrak.  His abstract paintings show considerable attention to the structure, approaching his work as an architect, coordinating style, color and design. He exhibited all over the world.  Heinz Munnich died in 1977.

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