’79 Rosina Wachtmeister Limited Edition Litho, Man with Flute



Pencil signed, number 16 out of 500. Mixed media decorated with foil. This litho print measures 17 3/4″ x 24″. Condition is fine with limited foxing on the edge of the white boarder (upper right) easily covered by a frame.

Rosina Wachtmeister is an Austrian-born artist known for her modern art works mainly depicting animals and landscapes in small statues, paintings, and other art forms. The child of an artist, she was exposed to art from a young age. At 14 Wachtmeister moved to Brazil with her family, where she attended a German school and later studied the fine arts.

Wachtmeister is known for her figurines and lithograph prints of cats, but her work also extends to other animals and mediums. She has created postcards, jewelry, cups and plates, and owl and teddy figurines. Beyond paintings and ceramics, Wachtmeister is also an architect and gardener. Unsurprisingly, she has many pets at her home in Capena, Italy. Rosina Wachtmeister currently creates figurines, paintings, lithographs, and other modern art for sale. Buyer pays for mailing.