Salvador Dali, The Dali Portfolio, Signs of the Zodiac



This is a 1969 original color Lithograph suite entitled “SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC” by the world famous surrealist artist Salvador Dali. Dali released a limited edition folio of 12 lithographs on heavyweight wove paper, with Dali’s representation of all 12 zodiac signs each signed in the plate. This incredible art folio was released in 1969 and copyrighted by Penn Prints Inc., New York, NY. The images measures 12 x 16 inches with the paper size being 14 x 18. All images are in fine condition. The 1st page which contains a description of the Zodiac signs has an approximately 1/4″ crease on the lower left side of the sheet, in the margin. Does not detract from the value in any way.