Kroger, In Prayer, DAC Collection


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12″ x 15″ signed Florence Kroger. Buyer pays for shipping.

Florence Kroger was born in 1897 in Cincinnati, Ohio where she also received her education. She learned to draw and paint at a very early age. She attended the Cincinnati Art Academy and continued her studies in NYC and Los Angeles.

In the 1950s, Florence Kroger was a successful commercial illustrator in the United States. Her work appeared on the cover of The Home magazine in 1933 and her religious paintings were printed in Catholic publications. She is most remembered for her precious subject matter, including chubby-cheeked babies and furry kittens and puppies. Her subject matter and soft pastel work made her art popular for children’s bedroom and nurseries.

She lived both in California and in South Nyack, NY. When Mr. Bonnist went to visit Florence Kroger he often brought along his children who had the pleasure of having tea with her, overlooking the Hudson River in her Victorian home. Her work was reproduced by Donald Art Company starting in the 1940’s.

She passed away in 1980.