Dirty Dogs of Paris, 4 hand-colored etchings


Series of 4 hand-colored etchings referred to as the Dirty Dogs of Paris, pencil signed by Boris O’Klein, framed and ready to hang. Each measures 9″ x 20″.



Boris O’Klein ~Dirty Dogs of Paris

These are very popular and can be found in many households throughout the world (especially in bathrooms)!  Condition report: Two etchings have some foxing along the sides, not within the actually images, see photos. Backs are paper covered and they are wired and ready to hang. They measure 9″ x 20″. We are selling 4 hand-colored etchings at one price. Buyer pays for shipping.

Boris O Klein Biography

Boris O’Klein (1893-1985) was born in Moscow in the USSR to French parents. He returned to France at a young age living in the region of Alsace. Boris served in the French army during the First World War and afterwards moved to Paris where he continued to live until his death.

Boris O’ Klein became an artist and cartoonist best known for his hand-colored etchings of dogs and cats getting into mischief. We are offering ‘Dirty Dogs of Paris’ or ‘naughty dogs’ because many of the etchings portray lewd acts.

O’Keefe also painted under a pseudonym, “Jean Herblet.” The reason is not known but perhaps under that name he produced more serious work.  The 4 etching we are offering are pencil signed (hard to make out) and pencil titled.

It appears that most of his work was sold to tourists visiting Paris. It was this that probably led him to start producing prints as he could make multiple copies of the one image and sell it over and over again.

When he produced the series that has become known as the “Dogs of Paris,” it amused and resonated with tourists and became a best seller for him and they have remained popular to this day. The “Dogs of Paris” series was produced by engraving.


The technique requires the image to be “etched” into a plate of a hard surface by a tool called a burin. (These days usually copper). Ink is then rubbed all over the plate and the excess removed leaving ink in the etched lines. Good quality paper is needed which is dampened slightly.

The plate and the paper is then put under a press leaving the image on the paper. Engraving is quite a time-consuming exercise as each print has to be individually done by hand. Each print of the “Dogs of Paris” series was then hand coloured.

Upon the death of Boris O’Klein in 1985 his Grandson Eric, has taken over the production of these prints from the original plates and hand paints them to authentically match the originals of his Grandfather and signs them in his own hand.

The etching with the standing up Poodle on the far right has this printed on it:  Eau forte originala which means “original etching“. The same etching also says “copyright by O’Klein.”

Note that these have been in my possession since well before the artist’s death and were purchased as a collection from a gallery in NY.