Anton Pieck, 8 Prints 1970-71, DAC Collection



We wish we had original Anton Pieck art but alas, all we have are these DAC prints from 1970-71 which our father saved in an envelope.  He treasured Pieck’s work as a fellow Dutchman.  They are delightful illustrations and ready to be framed.  The condition is fine.  The heavy paper is an off white as it was when printed (not from toning).  The full size including margins measures 7″ x 9″ while the images themselves range from 4 1/2″ – 5″ x 7″.  We will sell them in pairs for $20.  Please take photos or identify the ones you’d like. We do not have any  ‘back-up’ stock available. Buyer pays for postage via Priority Mail.

Anton Franciscus Pieck was a Dutch illustrator, painter, and graphic artist. His works are noted for their nostalgic or fairy tale-like character and are widely popular, appearing regularly on cards and calendars. Anton Pieck (1895-1986)  created a prolific gallery of scenes from Olde Amsterdam. His storybook visions were later brought to life in an amusement park that still welcomes visitors today. Young Walt Disney spent time there and is said to have been strongly influenced by Anton Pieck and his park. DAC reproduced his work on ready to hang plaques, in degoupage and on puzzles, greeting cards and calendars.