P. H. Schor, Rabbits Gouache, DAC Collection



This is a 7″ x 9″ charming and very detailed watercolor/gouache of a pair of rabbits in the snow. It is in wonderful condition and painted on card stock and ready to frame.  Buyer pays for shipping.

Pieter Hendrik Schor, AKA P.H. Schor (Dutch, 1879-1945) painter, book illustrator & draughtsman born November 4, 1879 in Amsterdam, Holland. He is primarily known for his watercolor & gouache paintings and book illustrations of various floral & botanical scenes, animals & insects, as well as illustrations for mottoes, postcards and calendars. Schor did various book and magazine illustrations for publications such as: Cactus-Album (Pette Cacao Fabrieken, 1931), by G.D. Duursma, and De vriend des huizes: tijdschrift voor het volk (numerous issues, mid 1930’s), as well as artwork for the publisher M. Bonnist & Zonen, Amsterdam, Holland (1924-c.1939), and artwork for the American publisher, the Donald Art Co. (American Publishers, 1940-c.1992) which was founded by Moritz Bonnist’s son & previous co-partner Donald M. Bonnist. Pieter usually signed his name P.H. Schor. He died on March 26, 1945 in Amsterdam.