Mid-Century Wood carving of nude by Murray Marlowe


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This life-size female nude stands 69″ tall (I wish I were that tall). She is unsigned but the artist has been verified by his granddaughter. The details are beautiful. She has been in our home for easily 40 years. We purchased two at auction and sold one many years ago as she was a 7′ RECLINING nude that took up too much space to display properly. ┬áThe sculpture was created in the early 1970s and according to Marlowe’s granddaughter, he used mahogany, rosewood, zebra wood, walnut and oak. This piece is very heavy and cannot be shipped. ┬áThere are a couple of books written about the artist (Abebooks and Amazon).

Excerpt from book as offered by Rachel Marlowe, granddaughter.

Murray Marlowe bio PDF