Magda Heller, Watercolor, Playmates, DAC Collection


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This is one of 9 original watercolors in a series called “Playmates” and copyrighted by DAC in 1942. The copyright verifies that these are by Magda Heller who was  born in 1907 in Germany and died in 1996. After much effort, little was found on Heller. She illustrated children’s books as found on Amazon and I believe she was held in a concentration camp during the war years.  I will continue to try and unravel the mystery that is Magda Heller as there must be more to find on the Internet. Please note the early 1945 catalog page where DAC offers “a special feature, these subjects are available, treated with luminous paint making them clearly visible in the dark. Additional cost per picture, 10 ct. NET.”

Each painting measures 8″ x 10″  and has a white border. Each illustration board measures approximately 11″ x 13″. They are in wonderful condition considering all the years they’ve been stored!

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