James Lawrence Clark, The Runaway Horse Original Oil, Donald Art Co. Collection



1812 – 1884 (born and died in the UK).   This original oil measures 20″ x 30″ not including the frame which appears to be possibly maple and mid-century and not of the period. It is one of James’ most successful paintings, still being reproduced today as a print. It shows a carriage horse breaking out of its field to join a passing hunt. James, and subsequently several of his children, repeated this theme over and over. There are at least twenty-three different versions of The Runaway Horse” still in existence. Here is a link to some of the others, note the difference in the tails and other details. This painting is of the period. Buyer pays for shipping.


Please follow this link to learn more about James Lawrence Clark https://sites.google.com/site/clarkfamilyofartists/home/james-clark