George Buckett, Big Eyes, Rabbit and Carrot, Donald Art Co. Collection



20″ x 25″ original watercolor/gouache illustration signed and dated 1963. The reverse of the painting has a sketch by the artist as shown.

George Buckett was born in England in 1939. He studied for three years at the East Cowles Technical College for the Building Trades. He never finished as he left to join the British Merchant Navy. After traveling around the world with the Navy, he worked at sundry odd jobs and finally came to America in 1957. He began  working in an advertising agency as an artist with several greeting card companies and eventually struck out on his own as a free lance artist.

In the 1960’s Buckett did illustrations for Golden Books  with Irma Joyce, writer, including the popular “Never Talk to Strangers.”  He did poster premiums and greeting cards and he was considered one of the “Big Eye” artists.

Buckett exhibited in England, New York and Florida and was renowned for his whimsical animal pictures, all rendered with imagination and humor in bright colors. His work has a beguiling, happy quality while Buckett, personally, lived with a debilitating depression as told personally to Donald Bonnist to whom he sent a personal letter in 1973 implying that he couldn’t go on with life. The above brief bio comes from the DAC files while nothing has been found about this popular artist on the Internet. This is remarkable as his work is so popular and recognizable.

There are millions of repros on the market but we have found only one other original George Buckett.  The condition is excellent.  If you see a glare note that there is protective cellophane over some of the paintings (done on artist board) so what appears as damage is actually a reflection from the flash.  This little painting is a treasure. Buyer pays for shipping.