Rare, 1915 Durant Kiln Art Pottery Centerpiece


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15 inch turquoise and plum faience bowl is absolutely striking and hard to part with, especially since it’s locally created and dated 1915. The faience finish has two little chips in the finish (not the pottery) on the upper inside rim. The plum color outside edge has a rough inconsistent glaze finish intentionally and is not damaged.  The unglazed base is clearly signed Durant and dated 1915. Shipping is at customer’s expense or can be personally exchanged.

Jean Durant Rice was an American potter. She studied under C. and L. Volkmar in NY and with the help of Leon Volkmar established her own pottery, Durant Kilns in Bedford Village, NY.  Durant began production in 1911 after experiments including the reproduction of 16th C. Italian enamels. She designed and modeled tableware and art pottery decorated with glazes developed by Volkmar, notably in blue, aubergine, red, and yellow which often changed in shade, darkening or lightening towards the base according to the thickness of the application. Interiors were often glazed in a different color. She leased a gallery in NY from 1913-18, subsequently selling work through Arden Studios, a NY agent. She left a life interest in the pottery to Leon Volkmar on her death. The Durant Kilns trade name remained in use until 1930. (We purchased our piece at a Doyle auction in Bedford Village from a very old, historical estate).